Prophetic Insights

            Founder Aquilla Nash




‘ But he who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men.' 1 Corinthians 14:3 (NKJV)






"Search for truth, search out righteousness, search out the old paths, for indwell righteousness.  Listen to the voice of the Spirit; don’t be moved by the noise of the world, but search out the things that the Lord has set before you.  It’s in truth and righteousness that I raise you up declares the Lord.  It is in power and demonstration that I will send you out and if you will trust Me and not be afraid, I will make of you even that strong one that many will look at and they will even be in awe at that that I’ll work in you.  For I say,  My people that are called by My name, even as they humble themselves and pray, not only will I heal the land, but I will heal the hearts, and I will bring forth a place of righteousness, a path that no fowl knows, and the vultures eye hasn’t seen.  You can walk in high places, you can mount up with wings of eagles, and you can overcome every hindrance.  You can become all that I have chosen you to be, because I am in you;  I am in you; and I say it is as I work in you that you will see My word made manifest.  Now trust Me in this day, do not look to that that you can provide.  Look not to that that man can pour into you, but look rather to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords where I am unlimited declares the Lord and I will pour in more in a moment than a man or woman can pour in, in a lifetime.  Seek Me with all of your heart and I will be found of you.” declares the Lord.






"In your hour of need, I will be there and I will lift you up.  I will lift you up out of the places that would close in upon you. I will lift you up and I will draw you unto Myself, for you are Mine and you are precious in My sight.  If you will trust Me this day, I will make of you an individual that will be a blessing unto many. If you will open your heart and open your heart wide, I will pour in abundant, above all that you have asked or even could expect.  As you trust Me in this day, as you forget the past, as you move into a new hour, an hour of blessings in Me, I will go before you. I will lead the way. I will not fail you, but I will show you My salvation and I will show you that I am concerned over you as an individual. I am concerned over you and I know you by name, every hair upon your head is numbered.  So, trust Me in this hour and I will bring a joy and a peace in your heart.  I will change your life.  I will make you fresh and anew.I will not look back upon that of yesterday, but it will be a time of new beginning in your life,” declares the Lord.