Prophetic Insights

            Founder Aquilla Nash




‘ But he who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men.' 1 Corinthians 14:3 (NKJV)





  Out of the midst of My people, praise shall ring forth. Out of the midst of My people, joy shall give a shout. Out of the midst of My people, the power of My name shall be manifest. I am drawing forth My people, and I am opening up the eyes of those who have been blind. They have not seen Me even as I am, for their eyes have been blinded to My truths. Their understanding has been limited. But this is the day I am opening the eyes of those that are spiritually blind. Yes, even those who are physically blind, but greater is that which is spiritually blind than that which is physically blind. I am opening up the eyes of those who have never seen or understood Me. I am causing them to see that I am God and that all power has been given unto Me. I have delegated power unto My people. I have given authority to My people. They shall come forth and work the works of the Lord. This is the day. Press into it. Receive it. Be joyful in all that which I have come to give and I will add unto your life. I will open greater understanding and you will see more clearly, more deeply. You will come forth and I will use you mightily. If you will trust Me and cease to limit Me, I will use you in a greater way than you have ever considered, for I am bringing forth My people. Out of Zion shall come forth praise. This is the day that I have ordained for you to come forth,” says the Lord of Hosts.


Peace and righteousness shall be the portion of My people. Some would say, ‘but how is it Lord that it seems I have no peace?’ I declare, peace and righteousness is called to be your portion. Enter in unto that peace. Enter in unto that rest that would cause the joy of the Lord to be your strength. Even as you wait upon Me, know in your waiting I will strengthen you. I will undergird you. I will cause you to mount up with wings as eagles, to walk and not be weary, to run and not faint. I will cause you to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. I will raise you up. I will cause you to be an example to those around you. I will cause them to be able to see that you are mine and you are precious in My sight. You will not be made ashamed. You will not be left without that which I have promised. I will watch over My Word. I will bring it to pass and you will rejoice in it. You will know that I am God. You will know that I have not changed. You will know that the signs and the wonders of yesterday are for you this day. The miraculous of God is for you, and I want to use you to perform even the miraculous. You will see it and you will know it is of Me,” says the Lord.